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  • Due Dates Fast Approaching...Apply Now!

    Need resources to further your research or project? Grants and scholarships are available but you have to apply. Deadlines and guidelines vary so please read carefully. Be Wishes on your endeavors!
    March 1st - Research and Research Utilization Grant
    March 1st - Scholarly Activity Grant
    March 31st - Excellence Awards

  • Save The Date!!

    Save the date for the 44th Biennial Convention, taking place 28 October - 1 November 2017 in Indianapolis, Ind., USA.
    Until then, view the Board of Directors election results or look back at the great photos from the 43rd Biennial Convention in Las Vegas, Nev., USA.

  • Retiring or transitioning to retiring?

    Always a Nurse!

    Are you retired, or transitioning into retirement?  Stay connected with STTI and the nursing profession. After all, you are always a nurse!